Betting site withdrawal

Yes, I won bet didn’t rely on it. After wining spent some money so a different story but I was expecting it to be done

No, assuming that the money was on its way. I slightly overspent.

I wrongly believed that Betfair would actually pay me the money.

Had the money arrived, there would be no issue, but still my and other people’s cash is missing.


OK not quite what you said.

Anyway, I hope you (all) get your money.

Where to shout?

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The actual error that occurred happened in a way that meant nobody was notified of the failures and had to resubmit after mastercard fixed the issue. It’s only really through banks proactively contacting acquirers that things have been done.

The betting sites themselves have absolutely zero insight into what is happening as it’s all opaque to them (they’re not on the payments network, so they can’t see what is happening specifically, if that makes sense!)

To the betting sites, they all got ARNs; these are given to them by the acquirer for a successful payment, so their only view into this is that payments were successful

The ARN isn’t something that can be used to get any finances, it’s just used to track the payment. Monzo only need it to verify that they’ve received your payment when clearing files come in :slightly_smiling_face:

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I will ask the questions again:

Are AIB in difficultly?

Have these payments been arriving during the day?

On betfair.

I only use betfair sportsbook and exchange…although this issue is making me question them.

Not sure who else offers it

Could we keep this topic to be about the withdrawals themselves? It’s easier for me to keep up with that way. :pray:

(Feel free to make another topic for discussing general betting though!)


Hello I made a withdraw betfred £ 250 on 11.04.19 today is 25.04.19 translation does not exist?


Can someone please explain his? Just came in from betfair

I’m finding it increasingly suspicious that we are just getting fed a pack of lies by Monzo, there’s obviously an internal issue and it’s being coated over. Some honest answers Monzo , or take legal action against betfair as this is on there tweets and on there website now.

It’s definitely not Monzo, as I said I’m with Starling and I’m getting the same run around.

This is Betfair and the other bookies involved. Their payment processors have caused this. As an end user there is no way the payment processors will deal with you direct. So you can’t go to them. The bookies need to do that.

All the bookies are doing is saying anything to buy more time in the wild hope that it magically resolves itself.


Not the case at all all the facts point to Monzo. Rediculous

I’m not even with Monzo. I’m only on this forum as there is no other information out there.

How can A bank I’m not even with be responsible for my money disappearing?


Other banks have had the same issues. It’s not Monzo


I’m not sure that an email from someone at Betfair who can’t spell or use punctuation properly can be counted as ‘all the facts’. They don’t seem to have a handle on the situation at all, which is disturbing if this is their ‘payments team’.


Well we’re not getting any evidence here that it’s not , reading stories on here putting hope that Monzo can see payments in the circle for tonight then waking up and nothing at all is false hope. No one seems to know what’s going on and I can see a legal battle coming here between companies if people want to keep blaming each other. All we want is our money - waiting 12 days is not acceptable at all,

This is getting beyond a joke…

There a several companies all blaming each other and all it’s doing is making all of you lose customers at a rapid rate.

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I can see why they would think this, as they have ARNs; to them the transaction has went through, but the issue is specifically between their acquirer (AIB) and mastercard.

This is affecting more than just starling and monzo, too - we saw around 5 different banks in customer queries, and were contacted directly by some of them at skybet.