Best Places to visit in Corfu

Hi folks, what are the best places to see in Corfu, Greece for a family.

Well google has lots of information but really would like to know from people who have visited and are must go.

Sometimes google gives you so many that are not really good?

Kindly suggest.

I’ve jumped in to move this to general chat, help is for issues with monzo itself, app, procedures etc.

Could of sworn I moved the same post late last night an all :eyes::joy:

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my advice chill stop stressing about where you should go to just go enjoy your holiday and see what you find when your there :slight_smile: or use the trip advisor forum for info , they normally have ppl who live on the island that can give advice

That’s because it’s their third post about Greece/Corfu, instead of sticking to the existing Greece thread, they’ve just started new ones.

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