Best Place In the UK to visit

What Would everyone say is a gpod place in the UK to visit

An unattended open bank vault.


The North Coast 500 drive in Scotland.


Any airport out of the UK


I second this - it was one of my favourite holidays in the UK I’ve ever had. So good in fact. I went and revisited a lot of locations on the West Coast with my friends after

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^This place… #notbiased - it’s Edinburgh…

Just don’t visit in August…


North Wales, round Llangollen

City would be Manchester


First time I’ve ever been to Manchester (other then airport) was a couple of months ago. Went to the O2 Ritz to see Metric. Seemed ok.

What would you recommend seeing?

Only been a couple of times but the museum of science and industry is brilliant as is the Manchester Museum (think it’s called that). Lego discovery centre was fun :grin:
Just like the vibe, architecture and smaller shops


As a tourist, Westminster Abbey, National Gallery & Tower of London were amazing, the others a bit meh. Could barely see the change of guards for the crowds. Borough market is one of my fave spots.

Other than that, I’d prefer Manchester- some really good architecture and history about. I love sitting in the John Rylands library or hopping around cafés in the Northern Quarter. There’s lots of really good museums and libraries- it’s a very student city. Also can’t beat the amount of comedies (I go every Tues for only £3-5, esp when Joe Lycett is around), gigs, and lovely people there.

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It would really depend on what youre looking for and what you want to do when you get there.

If you want a city break then Cardiff, Manchester, Bristol or Edinburgh are amazing to visit with lots to do and see.

If you want peace and quiet and stunning scenery to relax and recharge then the Pembrokeshire Coast (I’m biased 'cos I live here) , North Wales, Anglesey the Scottish Highlands and Islands or the Lake District.

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My house.

What do you like? Beaches, countryside, cities, quaint villages? Attractions, Nature?



Dagenham and slough :joy:


I read this as Debenhams in Slough.


They might have especially good offers there :woman_shrugging:

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Croydon is awesome.



Birmingham is a great city with lots to do.

There are too many great seaside places to mention the UK has some of the best coastline in the world if you ask me.

I also love the mountains, cairngorms, the peak district, Snowdonia, the black mountains/Brecon beacons, the lake district and the Yorkshire moors all amazing.

Northern Ireland is also worth a visit Belfast is good fun and has lots of history too. The coast is beautiful. And there’s the Bushmills distillery.