Introducing – Trending Spending: London

We’ve been working on a new data-related series we’re calling Trending Spending! :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Our Machine Learning Lead @Neal has done some data analysis that lets us identify places Monzo users loved lots recently. And we’ve collected the coffee shops, restaurants, pubs and bars that surfaced in this list :point_down:

We’ve started with London as that’s where most people use Monzo. But we hear you about all the London-centric content! So, if you find this interesting we’d definitely love to do other places next.

Tell us the locations you’d like us to look at in this thread, or I’ve made a poll with some options so you can vote below :ballot_box:

  • Manchester
  • Edinburgh
  • Bristol
  • Leeds
  • Cardiff

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Hull anyone?



Bimingham! (I’m totally not biased) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Cardiff otherwise I leave the CC

I won’t leave :smirk:

Interesting read I like these sort of insights, hopefully I’ll get the chance to go to one of the places when next in London.

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If you’re able to do a big city, perhaps the whole of Scotland would be worth doing? Most will be Edinburgh or Glasgow but I’d love to see what’s popular in the Highlands, for example. Big with tourists (and me when I visit my parents).


This is amazing.

Please do one for Cardiff, Bristol and Birmingham !!!

Belfast isn’t one of the biggest UK cities but being from there I think this would be really interesting!
The London trends are great to see and gives people loads of ideas for good places to visit if travelling there


Great to see Flour to the People on here!

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This is so cool! This is the sort of novel insight that makes Monzo so fascinating to follow.

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noticed there isnt any recommendations anywhere near the Monzo offices. Did you have an exclusion zone??

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hmm interesting! I suspect that could be because there are lots of chains near here (Pret, Wasabi and Itsu etc.) – which would be penalised for being popular overall in the data analysis. But I’m just speculating! Maybe @Neal can shed some light?

Could be useful after the Investival as my train back to Norwich isn’t until 18:55 :wink:

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Imagine putting Edinburgh there and not Glasgow.

Are you trying to start a fight, Bea?


Well gotta give Scotlands second city some attention now and then, eh?! :wink:


Leicester :heart_eyes:

To have three English cities only one each for Scotland and Wales and none for Northern Ireland was not a wise decision when trying to come across as non London centric…

~74% of the UK cities are in England so of course there will be more English cities.

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I think one each for Scotland and Wales is almost reasonable. Glasgow and Edinburgh are reasonably close in terms of transport links. For those in north Wales, any of Liverpool, Manchester conurbations are reasonable to travel to. And South Wales has Swansea and Cardiff, both of which are well served.

Leaving out NI is a bit odd, though.