Best Holiday Places in the UK

Best place to Holiday in the UK

North of Scotland.
Head to Skye at least, or plan the NC500 trip.
Stop off at Glasgow (avoid that Edinburgh place, all tourists and cold winds…)





My house. You can stay in my spare room for a mere £200 per night. Breakfast not included.

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Seconded. As a Highlander, my friends are sick of hearing about how beautiful it is up there. They don’t realise just how incredibly remote and empty it is, even just once you get past Edinburgh & Glasgow.


How dull. Just sitting at home having a milkshake, eh? :rofl:

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East Anglia, in the countryside I’d say , not too far away from infrastructure like in the Highlands.

The Gower Peninsula in Wales has some really nice beaches:


It’s also a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


Carbis Bay is lovely

I really enjoyed North Wales

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Chugging along a canal anywhere. Except Manchester.

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Wales if course…

There are only 11 Certified IDA Dark Sky Reserves in the world and Wales has 2 of them.

Also, Wales has more Blue Flag beaches per mile than anywhere else in the UK. Here’s a sample of just one (and it’s a lovely one)…

More to follow…

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Is Tenby any good? Might be off there at the end of June.

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@jonnybiscuits Fabulous place. Caldey Island is a good place to visit and if you have young children Foley Farm is just up the road, and there’s also Oakwood Theme Park and Heatherton World of Adventure, but of course it all depends what you are going there for and the age range of the group. In any instance, it’s a lovely area with lots to do and see.

I hope you enjoy

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Ah cool, cheers. Just me and my girlfriend for a weekend break. The kids are with grandparents. Either way, thanks for the tips :blush:


Scotland countryside was my favourite with just spending time alone on a lake.


Just back from a few days In Canterbury. Great time, just sore legs. Planning on a few days In Cambridge in a week or two.