Best Bank Branding

What banks would you are have the best and worst branding? This is includes everything that is to do with a bank’s brand.

The best for me would be Virgin Money. Whilst their brand is still split between Yorkshire, Clydesdale, B, and the old Virgin Money, I understand why and I don’t want to hold this against them. The new VM branding feels very fresh and unique.

The worst for me would be First Direct. Their new branding seems very disjointed and unlike VM, there isn’t really any reason for it to be. Their new fingerprint logo is on some stuff, but not others. This logo also looks terrible on anything small. They also seem to have made simple branding ugly and boring. There’s not much I like about it.

Speaking as a FD customer all I can say it they do what a bank is supposed to do. I have no interest in the marketing. R-


Branding won’t impact a lot of people’s use of a bank, but that doesn’t mean people can’t discuss it. A lot of the discussions on here are pointless.

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