Which banks have the best websites?

This can include any bank or building society (and even Revolut despite it not actually being a bank). It can include the online banking part of the website (if applicable) as well as the site for the bank itself (e.g. Monzo – Banking made easy)

Personally, I really like both Santander’s and Virgin Money’s websites. I think some of it does come down to the red and white colour scheme which I really like, but I do like the rest of their appearance as well. They look modern and everything is really well laid out. I’ve had no problems finding anything.

Virgin Money’s online banking also looks really nice. It has a very similar artstyle to their app which I think works well.

However, Santander’s online banking doesn’t look the best. It is quite outdated. It works perfectly well but I think the appearance does need updating.


I have to say I make so little use of the websites associated with my banks that I pretty much don’t see them as a thing. It’s all about the app.

(If it’s colour - I like the Nationwide blue but I also favour the lustrous green of Lloyds…:pensive:).


None to be fair, it’s quicker and easier to fire up an app for the bank then having to log on to a website.


I thought Zen that @N26throwaway shared earlier looked good.

But like said above, I very very rarely end up on a banks website. The only time I look at Monzos is when I’ve googled what someone has asked on here to give them the link they were too lazy to find.


I do like that one. Nice and simple but still works well.

I don’t use websites too often but I had a lot at a lot of them when I was opening another account recently.

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I like Nationwide’s website. Very easy to get detailed information on products and there’s something about the look and feel of it that I like (not quite sure what). Most banks provide detailed info about their products on their website but some I don’t find as appealing (e.g. HSBC).

I don’t particularly like Monzo’s website. Whilst it looks nice, it lacks detailed information about its products. For example there doesn’t seem to be any terms and condition document for the the interest-paying savings accounts and no mention of 1 day wait time in getting money out.

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Yep. Odd, but yes.

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Nationwide’s branding as a whole is just a bit odd, anyway.

They could do with tidying it up, but the house logo is very recognisable so they probably don’t want to alter it, and I doubt they could justify big expense on branding consultants when we are in a time of economic hardship.

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I just think they’re branding is a mix and match of their new, slightly more modern look, and older, slightly more “old-fashioned” look. They seem to be using both their new and old logo on different documents and every letter I get from them seems to be in a slightly different style. It’s not a problem, but it is clear they have an issue with consistent branding, however, their website as a whole is good. The information is laid out very clearly and the website itself has a consistent style.

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