Rank your Banks

Note - This is “just for fun” and I know this is very subjective as experiences with banks will differ.

How would you rank the banks (and building societies) that you have ever used based on your overall experience of them?

Here is mine:

  1. Nationwide
  2. Virgin Money
  3. Santander

These top 3 are incredibly close. I’ve had no issues with any of them and just had to ranked them based on their unique features I have used most within their apps - Inpulse Saver with Nationwide and Cheque imaging with Virgin Money.

  1. Monzo - no particular issues but something about the app didn’t feel right for me. I didn’t like how often they advertised their plus account and overall I just didn’t feel like I trusted them. However, I can see that what they do in general works well.

  2. Barclays - I couldn’t use their app and I had to go into a branch to fix it. Not a major issue but it’s one of the few banks that I’ve had any issues with whatsoever.

  3. Lloyds - They never even got back to me when I submitted my application. No idea if I actually have an account with them. I called them and they said I should wait or go into a branch. There are no branches nearby and I can’t travel to them at the moment so I’ve just left it for now.

If this is based on non fintech banks, then My top 3 would be:

Barclays - they seem to be ahead of the curve with a lot of old banks, cheques by app, I like the fact I can personalise my debit card. And the instant notifications. Live chat in the app.

What I don’t like is the upselling of products right in your face all the time.

Nationwide - the app is clean, simple and user friendly but missing all the nice added bits :joy:

Virgin Money - This app looks nice, and a lot better than the old version of the ‘B’ app but think it needs to be a little less clunky, the cheque imaging is great, the savings goals is good but a little fiddly compared to the pots and goals from fintech accounts.

Just to throw into the mix, the WORST banking app I have on my phone has to be TSB, love the new card think it’s really smart! But the app is shocking.


It is based on any bank or building society :slight_smile:

I do agree with you a little about Virgin Money. Some of the features are bit fiddly but I think once I get used to them they’ll be fine.


Ahh I see :blush:, yep I think they’ll catch up to I think I heard that virgin already has the instant notifications mine worked once and not since so I must have broken mine somehow :thinking: haha