Monzo tops “Which?” list of Best Banks! 🎩

“Digital mobile-only bank Monzo achieved the highest customer score in our latest survey, pushing perennial favourite First Direct into second place.“


As Monzo gets bigger and bigger, I think First Direct will have to get used to playing second fiddle to these surveys.


Well done Monzo!

Always strange to see HSBC near the bottom and First Direct near the top. I mean why can’t they learn just by looking at their own self :sweat_smile:


Congratulations to Monzo! No surprises here really and it will only get better over time :grin:

Great result!

I never understood these customer surveys. I have First Direct account for savings (they offer 5% regular saver account), but I would not call their customer service great.
If I need to get anything done I have to call them and their internet banking and mobile app are horrible.


Has anyone here ever been asked to take part in these surveys?


I wonder if First Direct will get rid of that section in their app that just seems to gloat about the time they were number one for some award some time. :roll_eyes:

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In my experience - from people asking to us our Which? subscription at work - this would be because many Which? subscribers are over 50. Younger people are more accustomed to going on the internet and doing their own research, usually by finding specialist review sites for what they’re looking for. For example, in the case of looking for a bank account they’re more likely to check MoneySavingExpert instead.

This means that a large proportion of Which? readers are those whom consider the phone service of First Direct to be fantastic, and not mind so much about the internet banking and mobile experience.

I’ve used Which? myself to research white goods a couple of times, as there doesn’t seem to be a Tom’s Dishwasher site or anything of the like around, but mostly I go the non-Which? route myself when researching.

(Disclaimer: I know, anecdotes aren’t data.)

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Here’s the order!

  1. Monzo Bank
  2. First Direct
  3. Nationwide
  4. Metro Bank
  5. M&S Bank
  6. Tesco
  7. Santander
  8. Halifax
  9. Co-Op
  10. Barclays
  11. NatWest
  12. Lloyds Bank
  13. Danske Bank
  14. Virgin
  15. Clydesdale Bank
  16. Bank of Scotland
  17. Citibank
  18. Yorkshire Bank
  19. HSBC
  20. Ulster Bank
  21. RBS
  22. TSB
  23. Bank of Ireland

Congratulations!! Well deserved!

Surprised someone else other than TSB was bottom though…


I’ve used First Direct recently and I was very disappointed.

The Mobile / Internet banking experience feels very dated, unstable and lacking in features. They only just added PDF statements and you still can’t see pending card payments. No idea how they are best for Mobile / Internet banking because Lloyds are much better. Mobile experience is a big thing for me so crashing 4 times to make a single bank transfer is unacceptable to me

The security feels far too much. Just passwords and security questions everywhere. If you want to login on your PC, you need a code off the app. If you can’t or forget to deactivate your phone from the app you have to ring them

Calling them was quick and they were pretty helpful but they’d try and sell me a loan / credit card every time I called.

Very happy with Monzo’s experience though. Worthy winners :+1:. (it’s gotten to the point where my friends point out how much I love Monzo all the time. Oops)


I agree - the web/mobile/security stuff really bugged the hell out of me, despite their great customer service. Much prefer the ease of Monzo.


I was going to try and stay with them longer, because I felt bad about leaving so soon after joining them and claiming the free gift but I just got so fed up


Really shocked not to see Starling there at all. I thought they had a better rep now for customer service.

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Not enough customers sampled I think


That would make sense :slight_smile: .

Exactly what it is!
Also looks like Monzo JUST made the list too ; :scream:

Sample sizes for our survey as follows: Monzo Bank 40, First Direct 299, Nationwide Building Society 397

Awesome well done :+1: :partying_face:

Well done Monzo - it’s deserved. Now my family might take you seriously! They’re subscribers of Which? magazine.