‘Beermoney’ sites - any suggestions?

Essentially beer money is sites that earn you small amounts of money by doing surveys etc.

I started using Prolific.ac a few months ago and have made £100, and haven’t invested much time into it. Just open it in my free time and do any surveys that come up. Pays for my lunch and doesn’t require much time.

Any other suggestions? I use Mturk but they only pay on amazon.com gift vouchers, but it’s useful if I want to order something from there.


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Those are the two I use. I’ve made £200 from Prolific in a few months, Mturk is good as I can buy stuff off Amazon.com. I am also looking for more suggestions :confused:

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Prolific is really good. Not heard of Mturk might need to check that out thanks.

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Yeah, Prolific is probably the most competent and generally pays fairly well. Cash out through PayPal or circle. Can use my referral: https://www.prolific.ac/p?ref=UNGCDPHN or head to prolific.ac

Or Reddit.com/r/beermoneyglobal

I could never get on with Mturk and the rewards value always seem incredibly low. :frowning:

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