‘Beermoney’ sites - any suggestions?

Essentially beer money is sites that earn you small amounts of money by doing surveys etc.

I started using Prolific.ac a few months ago and have made £100, and haven’t invested much time into it. Just open it in my free time and do any surveys that come up. Pays for my lunch and doesn’t require much time.

Any other suggestions? I use Mturk but they only pay on amazon.com gift vouchers, but it’s useful if I want to order something from there.


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Prolific is great, some interesting surveys. I used them and swagbucks a lot last year. Swagbucks was good, made about £7.50 a week in amazon vouchers (you can choose PayPal if you want) but you need to invest a lot of time to try and get in on the surveys before they fill up.
Yougov isn’t bad but takes a lot of surveys to be able to make enough to cash out, can’t be bothered

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How long did it take you to build up the £100?

I usually just use Google Rewards for my app based stuff or new Wear OS faces.

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Three months in around 80 surveys. I recon I spent around 5-6 hours over that time span doing surveys.

I looked at swag bucks but it looks too much of a grind. Heard some bad stuff about it too, so wanted to avoid.

Prolific is fee-less which I also like.

Qmee is also really good, let’s you cash out for free at any amount.

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May have to try some of these thanks :sunglasses:


Thanks for the suggestion with Prolific.ac. It’s miles better than some survey sites.

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Be careful with new beermoney sites/apps, and make sure you research them before using them. I’ve seen a lot of new ones appearing which promise exciting payouts - to then either disappear or just never pay.

It’s also good practice to cash out as often as you can on all of your beermoney sites/apps. If a beermoney site/app closes down (which they sometimes do), then you’d have lost all your points. There’s plenty of people out there who tried saving up for a high-value reward, to only end up disappointed.

Unfortunately I haven’t got any fantastic suggestions as I haven’t used any of these types of sites/apps in a long while now. I do remember that Swagbucks used to be a pretty reputable site a few years ago, though. Managed to get a few Amazon vouchers back in the day :hugs:

Edited to add that Google Rewards is definitely worth having. It can be hit or miss whether you get heaps of surveys or none at all, but they’re always short and sweet and pay pretty well considering it’s just 1 or 2 short questions. I’ve not had any in months, but my dad seems to get plenty! :thinking:

Yep, I usually check on /r/beermoney on Reddit.

I mainly use Prolific just because it’s leagues better, and I get a few surveys a day.