Money making tips

Hi gang I’m in a situation that many in the UK finds themselves. I’ve just been paid , after all my bills have gone out, rent , child payment, car insurance blah blah blah…what I have left has me worried till next payday. I need some quick money making schemes that you’ve tried and helped. I believe this has happened to everyone…hence your input could help.

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Could you sell some things or borrow from friends or family?


This is more longer term: cut down on your bills


Find a better job. Failing that, make sure to not fall for get-rich-quick scams or “side-hustles” like MLMs, or fraudulent job offers that ask you to cash cheques or reshipping merchandise (they’re essentially asking you to launder money for them). The last thing you want is to be loosing even more money.

I know this is probably not what you want to hear, but a better paying job is the only long-term way out. Borrowing would solve an occasional problem but by the sounds of it it’s not like next month will be any better for you (in fact it’ll be worse as you’d have to repay the borrowed money). Legitimate get-rich-quick schemes sadly don’t exist, if they did you would be doing one already.


If you have skills you can sell, you could try one of the apps like Task Rabbit.

Sell cakes, or anything else you can make at a market, maybe.

Get some crutches and beg near ATMs (that’s a joke btw)

Windscreen washing or selling flowers at traffic lights.

Sell everything you own on eBay.

Get off Discourse and do something productive

I’ve not actually tried any of the above, because being lazy and poor works quite well for me at the moment. :wink:


my wife does yougov & populus live surveys which pay out £50 after a set amount of points. Admittedly it takes maybe 3 months to achieve but if you have time on a commute, etc to spare then its money for nothing really…

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I’ve been doing YouGov surveys — I’ll get a payout after the next one I do and it’s taken me 2yrs!

I don’t do them very often but I don’t understand how they are a worthy form of secondary income…


I got £7.50 a week from swagbucks but it’s mind numbing, spirit crushing endless tedium to do that. Although occasionally I’d get to rate a new movie trailer months before it was released which was cool

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I don’t think people consider this enough (not saying that’s true about the OP but just people in general). I always see people saying they don’t make enough money but then it turns out when you really dig down into their monthly expenditure, they often have some obvious but small savings they could make


Thinking big is better than thinking how to survive. Good stuff from OP. I am tired of hearing how to save by not drinking coffee and surviving on baked beans. Live your life, do what you love doing and always think how to make more money if you don’t have enough, instead of thinking how to save to survive to the next paycheck.

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Not very constructive, at least offer some extra ways of making money rather than suggesting that is the solution to the issue.

The attitude of live your life doesn’t really work when people are struggling for cash and is a bad habit to get in to and an even worse justification for impulse spending and lack of financial discipline.

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My suggestion: invest in your skills and search for better job. It never hurts to learn something new.


Honestly me too but being practical, not buying takeaway coffees or buying from Aldi/Lidl will help cashflow in the short term for those who are really struggling.

I know often people don’t have this luxury, they’d love to live their life and try to find a higher paying job but this is often a long term prospect and so making savings in the short term is often their only choice


Other suggestion: take a risk and move from economically depressed area to the one with employment or business opportunity.

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Which you need money to do

Another poor suggestion when it costs money to do this.

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I agree that in short term it could be the only way to save for taking next step in your life. But this shouldn’t be permanent state of affairs.

I know a young graduate who went to Asia to teach English and it changed his life completely. If you want to change your life you need to take risks.

This is your big mistake :wink: . Only joking but I know often people say that once you have children, you’ll never have any spare money, until they’re in their 20’s and even then they’ll still cost you :wink:


I think you’re possibly misunderstanding the entire premise of the OPs post. He is not complaining that he can’t buy luxuries but is saying that when it comes to paying his bills, rent etc he has close to nothing left. I might be wrong, but I’d assume he isn’t sitting on thousands of pounds in a savings account that would enable him to move elsewhere.

The mention of child payments is a strong indicator he has a child, and perhaps he values being close to his child and living like this than upping sticks to another city.


Then how come migrants from poor countries manage to come to this country and have better life. This can’t do attitude is depressing.