What are people ideas for side hustles?

What are people ideas for side hustles?

i.e. ways to make income outside your normal job

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If you’re young enough (and have the relevant equipment!) you can donate your sperm?


Do you mean side hussle incomes?


@tbutz it’s illegal to pay for sperm in the UK, the idea of being paid to donate sperm – and blood – is an Americanism. The only option there is medical trials, and typically they pay very little for samples and have various requirements. Longer residential trials can pay more, but there’s risk associated with those – granted, it’s usually very low and you can pick and choose which fit the risks you’re willing to take, so it can be a viable option. There are month+ trials that “pay” many thousands (“pay” because it’s not actually considered pay by law but it is effectively a payment).



Loads of little options available if you look around.

Fill in surveys, watch adverts, all pennies rather than pounds at a time, but it all adds up.

What skills do you have? Can you use those for a chargeable service? eg. do you do any crafts, can you code/design, copy writing…

You can also earn money transcribing videos.

That said, be sure to leave time for non-paying activities, don’t turn your hobby into a ‘hustle’!

Film yourself eating tidepods, 10p coins, worlds hottest chilli etc and stick them on YouTube :plate_with_cutlery:


Sports betting trading – Betfair or some other betting exchange. Rather than straight betting with a bookmaker the idea with trading is to buy and sell bets, backing and laying to lock in a profit whatever the result. Obviously it’s not with out risk but you can start with as little money as you want. There’s plenty of guides out there, some good YouTube channels which demonstrate strategies and how to understand prices.

There’s a great podcast called Side Hustle School that does a daily 10 minute postcast about peoples wild and varied side hustles.

Definitely worth a check out :slight_smile: