Been told the card is on it's way twice now - months apart, never received

(Ian) #1

I was told I’d been selected for the current account some months ago, and that the debit card was en route…alas it never arrived.
Last week I updated the c/card app and was again told I’d been turned into a current accountee and that yes, the card is en route…and that also has still not arrived.
What’s the craic, good people? Have I been scammed? Have I been misled? Have I missed something? Why does my heart, hurt so bad? :slight_smile:

(Hugh) #2

This sounds like something went really wrong somewhere, sorry :frowning:

I suggest you email and they can look into it for you


How could you have got CA twice… :thinking:


preview CA and now the real CA?


But it’s same CA, preview was not like a different account. He said he applied for the account twice and card sent out twice. If the first debit card was sent out account would still be open and he would have not been able to apply again. But then he says he got message for the first one that card was en route… Doesn’t make sense too late to be here I guess

(Ian) #6

Yup, twice I was told it was coming, twice it’s not arrived. After the first time I was almost of a mind to say stuff it, I can’t be anused, but stuck with it. Now though, it’s not looking great.
@alisufyan absolutely no idea.I didn’t “apply” though, the second time. It appeared on the app. Do you work for Monzo, if so can you assist?


No I don’t work for Monzo just like you a customer.

Get in touch with them as @crablab said.

Just out of curiosity when it appeared on your app did you click to upgrade… If you did what happened after that

(Ian) #8

Oh OK, thought you may be an employee. Thanks for your feedback.
I assume “they” read their board, so I’ll await replies before sending a mail.
It did - and then the little running man appeared (again) telling me my card was yippee coming etc.

(MikeF) #9

Account queries aren’t handled on the open forum here. Email is the way to go.

(Hugh) #10

They do, but it isn’t a formal support channel so please email them. They will reply very quickly.


They do read but send an email or chat in your Monzo prepay app

(Ian) #12

OK. Seemed the natural place for a new brand, not to go back to decades old email.

(Ian) #13

Chat in the app - good shout Ali, ta mucker.

(Naji Esiri) #14

All sorted @IanB? Let me know if not and I’ll let chase up for you :slightly_smiling_face: Sorry your first experience of the CA has been such a frustrating one.

(Ian) #15

Thanks Naji, but no, not sorted at all.

(Naji Esiri) #16

Sorry to hear that, I will PM you now :slightly_smiling_face:

(Ian) #17

Many thanks Naji, PM received :slight_smile:

(Nicholas Robinson-Wall) #18

Hi Ian!

I’ve reached out to you via the in-app support chat to try and get to the bottom of this :muscle:

(Ian) #19

OK great news abounds! Thanks to the sterling Nick I now have a shiny new, working card - THANK YOU!