"Bear with us..."

I was wondering if anyone could shine light on this…

I reported an issue regarding a recent cashback and received a reply via the app. However, on pressing it, I received a message saying

“Bear with us; we’re having some problems with our servers at the moment, try again in a few minutes.”

This has not resolved, and the message always shows when I press the button saying “update on cashback query”.

I now cannot query any other cashback transactions, as the same message pops up.

Any suggestions?



Cashback will take days to resolve.


Yep, patience is a virtue!

btw, the transaction was made on thurs. All other cashback has been signalled immediately in the app, it was just that this one did not so I checked with Monzo at the time. A reply was immediate, which I clicked to read; however, the error message appears every time I try to read the response.

I’ll give it a few more days…

You could try the uninstall, restart, install. But if it says it’s a server issue then it probably won’t make any difference.

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