Be part of our cashback pilot 🎉

That’s a lot of Scooby Snacks. :wink:


Used Deliveroo and got the cashback through earlier, but the single use offer is still showing as available to me?

This is top of our to-do list for this week :see_no_evil: you won’t be able to use the offer again, it’s just stuck in the wrong list. We’ve been making some pretty substantial changes to our rewards platform recently and a couple of bugs might have slipped in :bug: :ohno: sorry about that!


Is the cashback applicable to paying on Flex?

Yes, personal, joint and flex…


Thanks caribo

Have i missed this pilot? I have recently signed up for monzo premium and looking to make the most out of my monzo account!

Who can I contact , I bought in Morrison , but it turned out not to be Morrison , and I can 't get cashback , monzo chat does not respond or only there ?

They keep releasing chances for people to join, I am keeping a close eye on this thread so I don’t miss the next chance :eyes::money_with_wings:

If it wasn’t Morrisons then nobody can help you and you will not get the cashback.

If it was a Morrisons but the name is incorrect, then go through the help section in cashback and report it that way.

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Yes thank you, as I understand the problem with the local Morrison .You buy in a store , and they punch you like you 're in another store

Was it this place? Singhsbury’s store becomes Morrisinghs after legal threat | Retail industry | The Guardian


It is called and even exists in their application Morrisons Daily Brighton

I would expect Morrisons daily stores to be included in the cashback… You should report missing cashback in chat… search cashback in help and then choose the why didn’t i earn cashback link…

I wrote to them in the chat they were given such :Cashback isn’t available for this retailer
, but I wrote again maybe they will change their minds

Tap the transaction, scroll down, select “Improve name, location or logo” and get it fixed to Morrisons.

I did, we’ll see what happens next

Hey @Toxaphoto :wave: if you DM me your email address I can take a look :bowing_man:


I sent you a message

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