Be part of our cashback pilot 🎉

I registered, thank you! :credit_card::pound::money_mouth_face:

I’m not sure if it’s delayed or not working. I did a small Morrisons shop yesterday and the cashback hasn’t appeared yet. Any thoughts?

I believe it should show immediately. Go to the help article entitled “Why didn’t I earn cashback”. There’s a button there for reporting missing cashback.


Seems obvious but did you enable that specific cashback deal and did you use a valid card?

There was a big mystery a few posts back when someone didn’t get cashback before realising that their partner had actually paid with their card and he hadn’t used his own card.

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I have, strange thing is. There was a cashback transaction for Morrisons when I was there last month paid immediately.

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Soooo… these kind of contradict eachother?

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I assume you’ve moved some cashback out of your pot then, as £84.50 is clearly less than £200 :man_shrugging:

Can confirm i have not. Was looking to build it up as a savings pot and not touch it

Mystery then :thinking:

I’ve done £36 in two “windows” so far, so nowhere near :man_shrugging:

Didn’t someone post earlier saying that you get this message when you have hit the limit for an individual offer also? So while you can use other offers to keep earning, there’s at least one merchant where you’ve activated the offer but you’ll not earn any further cashback from them now?

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Tried the cashback offer in Asda earlier today. Cashback showed up instantly. Great stuff! :+1:

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Yes it’s still to be fixed about making the hit cashback limit offer specific.

I did report via the help already but I have missing cashback from All Bar One at Leicester Square - in fact three transactions. These were online orders via Apple Pay and the merchant name appears as Mitchells & Butlers which I suspect is the cause. I didn’t see any restriction for this offer so assumed the cashback should pay out even if this were an online transaction.

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If thats the case timing of the notification also needs to be fixed.

I made the single use transaction on the friday and got the notification on the saturday out of the blue which could have caused confusion had i actually made a cashback worthy transaction that day as well.

But its nice to catch these things before wider implementation i guess

Hi - does this mean there was a new offering for allowing people to join the cashback pilot? Did I miss it or are you talking about something else? :frowning:

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Signed up :slight_smile: what’s the time frame for acceptance? Thanks!

have I missed it also ?

You’ve missed it. Try again in about a month.

Happy to share this was solved via support.

Used casback in ASDA tonight and got £6.97 cashback instantly on a £99.52 spend, very impressed with this.

I see that i can only withdraw the cashback to my main current account, would be great in the future if it could be moved directly to a savings pot.

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