Monzo Points - Early Access [Trial completed]

:star_struck: Monzo Points Early Access

Hello all :wave:

As some of you have noticed, we’re starting to think about how we can help you get more when you shop with Monzo. We’re currently calling it: Monzo Points!

We’d love to give you access to a very early beta, and get some early thoughts and feedback.

We don’t know if this is the right approach, but we’re launching something early, getting feedback and iterating quickly. It’s not necessarily representative of the final thing yet!

A bit more info :crystal_ball:

The working vision for Monzo Points is “Get more when you shop with Monzo”.

We’re still working this out, but here’s our thoughts on the key principles:

  • It’s a way for Monzo customers to earn rewards. That might be in the form of points, which you can exchange later, or an immediate reward like a coffee.
  • You’ll get rewarded for more than spending, like using Monzo as your main account, writing a review of a retailer, or referring a friend.
  • Offers will be relevant, this might be based on your spending habits, your location, or information you tell us, like your top five places to shop.
  • The experience will be seamless, with just one app and no need for stamps or vouchers or receipts scanning.
  • It’ll deepen your relationship with Monzo and your favourite brands, by bringing visibility to your loyalty, we’ll enable merchants to reward you appropriately.

Early access :raising_hand_woman:

We’d like to open up access to around 50 people from a waitlist. We can’t give everyone access at this stage, but if it goes well we’ll continue to roll out from the list.

The experience isn’t perfect yet, so bear with us. In particular, here’s a few things to consider:

  • Offers and rewards are very limited (and they might not be relevant for you at this stage) :shopping_cart:
  • We’re changing things regularly, and so things might be changed or removed without notice (including the entire thing) :grimacing:
  • We may a/b test things, or launch to small sub-groups, and so you might not see the same things as someone else on the trial :no_good_woman:
  • There’ll be very limited in-app customer support relating to Points, so please use this thread to share feedback :snail:
  • Expect bugs! :bug:

However: your money is always safe :money_with_wings:

What we’d like from testers:

  • Fair feedback, that helps us improve the current version Monzo Points
  • Your ideas on what you’d like to see from Monzo Points in the future

The first version :one:

The very first version of points includes:

  1. A welcome tour: this explains what points are and how they’ll work.

  2. A home for points: where you can find all your current offers and rewards.

  3. A way to earn points: with Pret a Manger. We’ll try a few different ways to earn points.

A swift follow-up in the next week or so will include:

  1. A way to redeem points: again, with Pret a Manger (a hot drink) and with Monzo (a hoodie).

How to get Points :tickets:

We can’t give access to everyone that signs up at this stage, and so we’ll be choosing randomly from the waitlist.

Pop your name on this list, and we’ll let you know in the app, hopefully early this week (or even today).

  • :calendar: We check responses regularly, but only on working days, so it can take a few days to get access! We’ll let you know in-app.
  • :email: Make sure to use the same email address as on your Monzo account, otherwise we won’t be able to find you!

You had me at hoodie.


You had me at ‘Monzo Points’ :money_mouth_face:


You got that far down? I saw “We’d love to give you access” and just blacked out - next thing I knew I’d signed up…


Thank you so much for the update really looking forward to getting them :monzo: Monzo Points! Points mean prizes :tada: plus Monzo Goodies :wink:

It’s really super exciting to have this within the app can’t wait :raised_hands:


This is the game changer …


This sounds great, will this work on a joint account yet? I hope so!

Sounds like a fun thing to try! At the moment I buy certain things on my amex to attract benefits but this could seriously change that :smiley:

Edit: Smol change of words

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Looks great, cant wait to try it if lucky enough to be selected.

I’ll even get the chance to try it at pret saying as ill be in london next week which is very rare for me! :laughing:

Niceee :slight_smile: I would love to start testing this :slight_smile: looks amazing!

Looks good! I’d be interested in trialing this.

I checked all three YES! So clearly I should be given access.

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Unfortunately with Pret’s awful record on allergy labelling and my son’s severe peanut allergy I won’t be signing up, I just can’t trust their food and refuse to shop there…however excited about where this goes!!


I would imagine that nothing from Pret or anywhere the prepares in-house would be suitable, no? Personally I’ve found Pret to be slightly more upfront that other places that make the food fresh each day.

I also think most people go for the coffee, so you could still go for that!

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Thanks for posting this, @richardcadman!

Can I just ask whether there’s a data sharing agreement with the merchants behind this? Can you talk a bit more about the business model?


Hey @richardcadman, appreciate this is extremely early days, but are there plans to work with online retailers (or can you accrue points when you spend online)?

95% of our spend is online, so it would be ideal if it worked!

Thanks :smiley:


Yep, same. Co-workers said my eyes rolled back and turned hot coral, and I was completely unresponsive as I silently filled out the sign up form.


This looks exciting! Sign me up :slight_smile:

Applied, but I’ll turn down the invite to strip with Monzo en masse thank you;




Please please please!

Anyone else seeing this becoming competitive within the community :rofl: