Be part of our cashback pilot 🎉

Oooh, so that’s what the booster reference in the teardown was about :smiley:


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All these multi use plus % at supermarkets are a fine way to bring me back to monzo for almost everything :raised_hands:t3:


I’ll take any % at Tesco thankyouverymuch! :smiley:


If you aren’t full monzo this is what shows.


Yes! Great stuff.

The Booster covers most of our spending so this one is very appreciated.


Poor Ocado getting the Monzo treatment. :frowning:

They’re no less a supermarket than Monzo is a bank.


Isn’t Ocado jointly owned by M&S? So, in theory, the cashback could still apply :thinking:

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Yes, but it’s a completely separate entity, so I doubt it.

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I thought it was John Lewis/Waitrose?

No, it split from Waitrose about a year ago and changed to a joint venture with M&S from what I can see


True, but then what about the Food Warehouse which is an Iceland company? There’s a few spin-offs that could be included potentially in this list :sweat_smile:

EDIT: I should probably clarify that I’m talking about supermarkets that obviously are part of another, i.e. The Food Warehouse has Iceland in the logo, rather than others like Sainsbury’s where Argos is owned by them but are still a separate entity etc.

These cashback offers are very attractive. Jealous I cannot take part in the pilot. Monzo needs to open this up to us premium users ASAP.


Ocado (the grocery store not the underlying parent) was a joint venture between Waitrose and Ocado (the parent tech company). M&S bought out Waitrose stake a few years back.

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or Booths! :sob:

Loving this additional 2% booster! :fire:

Now to go do all my shopping! :eyes:


I think that’s a bit different. It boils down to the company structure. Ocado isn’t a subsidiary of M&S, but Food Warehouse is a subsidiary of Iceland, and for that reason would likely wind up being apart of an Iceland cashback offer.

Bit frustrating that I can’t access this… I’m full Monzo, but all my direct debits are set up on my joint account so this makes me ineligible.

I work at Iceland, the structure is that both Iceland and The Food Warehouse are combined as of last year from marketing to products. We even process payments at all stores under Iceland.


It works with Joint accounts. We’re full Monzo-JA here with almost everything using the Joint account. D/D’s aren’t part of the cashback pilot though, so they don’t count anyway.

We’ve been lucky enough to get in on the Cashback pilot since day 1 and it is great. Keep an eye out for the next access announcement here & jump on it when posted!

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I’m not full Monzo and all it asks me to do is add £250 to my account and the booster will immediately be activated.

Edit: I do have Flex, though.



The condition for me to unlock the boost is also to have £250 in my account.

As soon as I ‘add the money’ the booster ‘will be ready to activate

:thinking: Does this mean that £250 has to sit in my current account at all times to keep the booster active or can I transfer it back out into my interest bearing Savings Pot?

edited to add: Just transferred £250 from my Savings Pot into Current Account. Have gone in and out of the app several times, but no ‘unlock’ facility for the booster seems to be there. I get no further than the ‘Unlock Supermarket Booster Offer’ explanatory page. Am I missing something blindingly obvious?

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