"Barclays Partner Finance" - rejected credit "because Monzo"

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Hi Connor, did you make any progress with this?

Didn’t realise this thread existed. I had an issue with BPF 3 weeks back. Would not recognise the sort code so couldn’t put it through. Had to use my Barclays account which went through absolutely fine. Can change on the phone after for the direct debit. But it’s the sign up that seems to be the issue

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Just on the back of this Monzo used on barclays finance for apple today and all went through with no issues.


So went back into Wren today, hopeful from what BPF told Monzo, and yet, no change. I took a photo this time.

Won’t be using BPF.


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Just to add we had no issues using our Monzo Joint Account with BPF to buy carpet from Tapi.

My car finance is with BPF and the salesman used the same website as that @stampycode has provided a screenshot of. My sort code and account number were recognised. Weird :confused:

It’s not an issue with sort code formatting is it? For instance with or without dashes?


Hi all.
After reading this thread I decided to upgrade my iPhone this year via the iPhone Upgrade Programme, by using my legacy bank account which I have not fully closed. I recently moved all my DDs and SOs to Monzo with the partial switch (before it was turned off) and kept my legacy bank account as a back up.

When I visited the Apple Store on the iPhone Xs Max launch day to do the upgrade process, they pre-filled the application with the information they are already holding.
I started the programme in 2017 with my legacy bank, I had phoned Barclays Partner Finance and asked them to change my DD details (because the partial switch did not work out for this and some other DDs too) to Monzo which was fine. The form was pre-filled with the Monzo details. I asked the Apple employee if we could go through the process again should it failed, because of the incidents reported here with Monzo and Barclays Partner Finance. She said that we could do the process again and that she thought the reported incidents may be because people haven’t been using Monzo as their main bank for a long time, thus failing the credit check. Although this may be inaccurate, it may not be completely wrong.

I decided to alter the details in the application and I inputted my legacy bank details and all went through fine. I will call Barclays Partner Finance tomorrow to ask them to amend the DD details again, to Monzo.

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The error on the screenshots are invalid sortcodes before it even does the check.


I was updating my DDs this week to point to Monzo and had an error with one. Unfortunately I can’t remember who it was. However, the error stuck in my mind as it had a problem with the account number and not the sort code, which I found odd.

Is it possible that the people on here are having a similar issue, since more than one person has reported no issues with Monzo (which would indicate the sort code isn’t an issue)?

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Hi Tim

I’ve had confirmation that we’ve now fixed this problem. Sorry it’s taken so long to resolve and for the inconvenience.


That’s great, thanks Connor. I’ve had to seek alternative funding, so this came too late to help me, but I hope it helps others.

I wonder if anything will happen to my “official complaint” now… Seems pointless having a complaint system if change only happens when people complain on public forums.

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