"Barclays Partner Finance" - rejected credit "because Monzo"

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I will be interested to see how this plays out to me its as if BPF are deliberately being stubborn about this.

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My partner applied for the Barclays 0% when he got his latest iPhone a couple months ago. Provided monzo bank details etc and it all went through without any issues.

Maybe they have changed the rules recentl


There are a few BPF colleagues who are also monzo advocates. We’re looking into this, hope to be able to get back to you ASAP. Thanks for flagging!


Hey everyone :wave:

We’ve spoken to some of the team at Barclays Partner Finance and they’ve confirmed that they have no issue with “online only” banks (including Monzo), but that any failed applications will be a result of other checks - for example, affordability criteria.

Different lenders have different lending criteria, so we won’t be able to offer more details ourselves. We’d advise that you speak to Barclays Partner Finance directly to find out why you were declined if this has been the case for anyone.

Hope this helps clear everything up! :slightly_smiling_face:


I spoke to BPF when I was rejected for iPhone Upgrade Programme and they refused to tell me why I was rejected, telling me to just review the Experian report, so good luck to anyone who attempts to get that info from Barclays.


Isn’t Barclays Partner Finance only using Experian and Monzo only using Call Credit and thus if somebody only have Monzo account (though realistically most people would have prior banking data in their files) theoretically might fail affordability criteria for that reason?

I guess we will figure it out when the new Iphone is lunched and the forums swarm with angry users :smiley:

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Hah - that’s a joke. Their online system refused to accept my Monzo sort code, so I wasn’t even able to submit an application or have them check my credit report.

They told me on the phone they wouldn’t accept my Monzo sort code.


I think in hindsight having a sort code with a leading 0 was a mistake… and I can see why Starling didn’t go for that :slight_smile:

My sort code with Santander starts with a zero?!


Oh does it? :man_shrugging:

I’m pretty sure Yorkshire bank sort code is 05-00-05

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Ok, my bad, I thought it was just monzo and B with this fancy leading zero accounts, but clearly I was wrong :slight_smile:

But on the plus side that means that this should not be an issue then, yay :partying_face:


Nationwide is 07-01-16

(Also, Starling have 04-00-40, sorry!)

Clearly opened a can of worms there, didn’t I… :sweat_smile:


Sounds like to me, that Barclays are just refusing the Monzo sort code, as another user has said they declined the sort code before the application was made, so a credit check would not have been completed for it to be something else.


We’ve been assured our sort code is valid on their system, but based on these reports we’re still in discussion with them :+1:


Hi Tim

Could you tell me where it was you were looking to buy the kitchen? I’ll test their specific application screens


Hi Connor, we are using Wren kitchens - They were using what looked like an internal web portal; they only offer finance to people who come into the showroom. Hope that helps!

Off topic, I have a horror story about Wren Kitchens.