Banking on iOS 16

It’s that time of year again!

The first Developer Beta of iOS 16 should be released tonight, after the WWDC keynote. The first public beta should follow some time in late June or early July.

In previous years, I have compiled a list of which apps were working and which weren’t, which many people found helpful, so I thought it might be a good idea to curate a list of which banking apps are working under the new release at the current time, which we can update throughout the beta period.

Generally, almost every app other than banking app will work fine - it’s just that banking apps do often block themselves from loading on “unrecognised” releases as a security measure.

Banking Apps
:white_check_mark: Bank of Scotland
:white_check_mark: Barclays
:question: Barclays Video Banking
:question: bunq
:question: Cashplus Bank
:white_check_mark: Chase UK
:white_check_mark: Co-operative Bank
:white_check_mark: Danske Bank
:white_check_mark: dozens
:white_check_mark: First Direct
:white_check_mark: Halifax
:question: Handelsbanken
:white_check_mark: HSBC
:white_check_mark: KBC Bank Ireland
:white_check_mark: Kroo
:white_check_mark: Lloyds Bank
:white_check_mark: Metro Bank
:white_check_mark: Monese
:white_check_mark: Monzo
:white_check_mark: M&S Bank
:white_check_mark: Nationwide
:white_check_mark: NatWest
:question: Pockit
:white_check_mark: RBS
:white_check_mark: Revolut
:white_check_mark: Santander
:question: Smile
:white_check_mark: Starling
:question: Tandem
:white_check_mark: Tesco Bank
:question: thinkmoney
:white_check_mark: TSB
:white_check_mark: Ulster Bank NI
:white_check_mark: Virgin Money

Business Banking Apps
:x: HSBC Business Banking
:x: HSBC Kinetic
:question: Mettle Business
:question: NatWest Bankline
:white_check_mark: Revolut Business
:question: Tide

Bank Authenticator Apps
:white_check_mark: Danske ID
:white_check_mark: Cynergy Bank Authenticator

Credit Apps
:white_check_mark: American Express
:question: Argos Card
:question: Aqua Credit Card
:white_check_mark: Barclaycard
:question: Bip
:question: Butter
:question: Capital One
:question: Creation Credit Card
:question: Fluid Card
:question: Jaja
:question: Klarna
:question: Marbles Card
:white_check_mark: MBNA
:white_check_mark: New Day Credit Cards
:question: Sainsbury’s Bank Credit Card
:white_check_mark: Tymit
:question: Vanquis
:white_check_mark: Virgin Money Credit Cards
:question: Zable Card (formerly Level Card)
:question: Zilch
:question: Zopa
:question: 118 118 Money

Savings & Investment Apps
:white_check_mark: Atom Bank
:white_check_mark: Chip
:question: Circa5000 (formerly Tickr)
:white_check_mark: Freetrade
:white_check_mark: Hargreaves Lansdown
:white_check_mark: Marcus
:question: Moneybox
:question: MyAviva
:white_check_mark: Nutmeg
:question: NS&I
:white_check_mark: Plum
:question: Royal London
:white_check_mark: Trading 212
:white_check_mark: Wealthify

Payments Apps
:question: Cash App
:question: Moneygram
:question: PaySend
:question: Remitly
:white_check_mark: Wise (formerly TransferWise)
:question: WorldRemit
:question: XE Currency & Money Transfers

Money Management Apps
:question: Cleo
:white_check_mark: Curve
:white_check_mark: Emma
:question: Glint
:question: Hyperjar
:question: MoneyDashboard Neon
:question: Oval Money
:white_check_mark: PayPal
:question: Splitwise
:question: Snoop
:question: Updraft
:question: Wagestream
:question: Zen

Kids Banking Apps
:question: gohenry
:question: Revolut Junior

Crypto Apps
:white_check_mark: Binance
:question: Blockchain Wallet
:question: Celsius Network
:white_check_mark: Coinbase
:white_check_mark: Coinbase Card
:question: Coinbase Pro
:white_check_mark: Coinbase Wallet
:question: Cryptopay
:question: Exodus
:question: Kraken
:question: Luno
:question: Mode
:question: Monolith
:question: Plutus
:question: Wirex
:question: Ziglu

I hope some of you might find this information helpful if you are considering testing out the beta.

PS: If you are interested in downloading the Public Beta, which will be available later, you can register by going to - and don’t forget to back up before installing.


As long as Monzo works I’ll be happy! :rofl:


You put a lot of time in to this, thank you @SebH


Thank you, it’s a standard list I’ve kept since the iOS 14 beta days (with crowdsourced updates from this community and others)!


I can confirm that Monzo, Chase UK, Starling and Virgin Money all seem to be working on iOS 16 beta 1


@SebH can you make this a wiki please so we can update the list?

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I have already messaged @AlanDoe to ask, but we all know how busy he often is!

I’m sure he will get round to it soon - in the meantime, if everyone could please post in the thread I’ll update the main post as quickly as I can.


At the bottom-right of your first post in the topic, click/tap on the ‘Spanner’ icon (if you don’t see the Spanner, click/tap on the 3-dots first to reveal it), then click/tap on ‘Make Wiki’

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I don’t think I have the right trust level, as it doesn’t seem to be an option there?

Ah, yes. It’s never easy…

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I know!

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I just did this for you, if that’s how it’s done?


A user who made the post, so long as they have Level 3+ trust, can make their own post into a Wiki
You have Level 4 trust, so can ‘admin edit’ posts by other users.

I tried to do the same with my Level 3 trust level on @SebH’s initial post and failed miserably.

I really need that Level 4…


Well, we are always hiring :sunglasses::joy:

Edit: based on other users profiles it looks possible to obtain in other ways, though not sure where to see what this involves.

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Thanks for sorting it out!

Damn the fact I’ve lost my level 3 for not posting enough lately, and dropped down to level 2. Haha.


Halifax seems okay

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M&S bank no worky. Guess I’m not paying my credit card off then. :joy:


No surprise, HSBC usually block their apps entirely on .0 beta releases!


Yea. That’s my thought

Have tested Revolut Business & Trading 212. All good.


Nationwide works…