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I was just wondering, how common do things go wrong in terms of payments for direct debits and standing orders. The only reason I ask if my current bank makes an error and forgets to pay either a standing order or direct debit every couple of months due to what they say are “technical errors”. I was wondering how Monzo would avoid these technical errors when launched as a full bank?

It is a regular occurence as many banking processes while computerized do involved human intervention to be fully authorized or processed and it is that more than the systems that is the weak link. With Monzo using new systems rather than a lot of legacy systems cobbled together they should at least reduce any IT related problems relating to interconnectivity or rekeying.

The in-app support chat is also winner for this sort of thing. I hope that can scale - it’s a great argument against needing to be able to walk into a local branch.


Considering our targets for growth and the amount of new customers we anticipate over the next 12 months, we’re putting a lot of focus on working out how scale our customer support operations effectively, maintaining the same speed and quality of response.

In relation to your original questions @terryharman most errors can be resolved via in-app chat and the average response is consistently under 10 minutes, so any discrepancies on your account can be seen to in no time :slightly_smiling_face:

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