Bank transfer overnight

How long does a transfer from another account take? It’s not showing on my balance but showing as paid from my hsbc account.

I have transferred from Natwest and Halifax before going full Monzo and it was instantaneous.

Aren’t HSBC notoriously slow for bank transfers in general?

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It is usually instant, have you checked that the account number and sort code you entered were correct? If so I would wait a few more hours and if you’ve not received it get in touch with :mondo: and see if they have received the payment. :+1:

HSBC are not good in general we use them at work and in recent weeks their HSBC net has been down for internet banking.

Normally instant and 2 hours at most if it’s FP.

This FAQ from Monzo Support Pages might help :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the replies but it’s just transferred as I posted.:+1:


There’s nothing like that nervous feeling when your money is in limbo and all you have left is faith that it ‘must work’!


Mileage varies

I paid from my HSBC app last month and it appeared in Monzo immediately, though during the day

It might be possible that your transfer clashed with them running their overnight batches of tasks, so would be held up - I think Monzo does a lot of that continually

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Sorry - I can maybe answer this with a bit more context :blush:

As in HSBC do more things in batch processing than us?

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As in, I believe, that they have to take their system offline for a bit to run overnight batches of tasks, whereas I imagine that you run them alongside normal processing

But then I may be misremembering the information on HSBC from another thread

I regretted typing that last bit straight afterwards as it was a bit vague

Not strictly about HSBC, but this was the comment I was remembering from October:

Ah right! Yeah, I don’t know how other banks work but the only batch tasks we run are things like Mastercard clearing (moving the authorised money into Mastercard’s account), BACS files and processing Investec deposits/withdrawals. Obviously you can still use your app whilst these happen :slight_smile: