Bank Transfer outage 04/08/18


Hi, this is from the status page:

We are still seeing a significant delays on inbound transfers only, but we expect these transfers to be processed today. Customers should not retry transfers into Monzo accounts unless the money has been returned to them.

Wording of the status message 4/8/2018
(Jack) #2

Although FPS are said to mostly be instant or within 2 hours. Isn’t there no actual limit as to how long it could take as part of the scheme?

(Punit Mannari) #3

My inbound just arrived…yippy
So look like the inbound problem is finished

(Nathan) #4

Is there still an issue @HughWells ? Just had a transfer rejected. Thankfully i am a beta user so could use my card instead but feel for the newer members that dont have this backup option


Might be worth asking in app


The issue is back.


Thanks @nickh for spotting that.