Bank transaction gone through, but declined at the shop


I paid at the petrol station, and the money comeout from the account/ app bank, but was declined at the shop.!!

i was forced to pay again at the petrol station with another bank account, but the money from the Monzo account come out, ive been calling for help to get the money back, at the petrol station can’t do anything as in their end its declined. !!!

how will i get my money back and can someone please get back to me. call back very fustrated situation.

Hi Gloria :wave:

Welcome to the Monzo Community.

We’re not able to look into account specific info over here as it’s a place for discussion rather than direct customer support.

If you’re struggling to reach us over the phone, you can actually speak to our dedicated team through the in app chat function. You can find this by heading to the Help section of the app and searching the term “Contacting Support”. This will give you an article which includes the link to our chat function.

A member of our team will be able to take a look from there :pray:


Tap the transaction. Scroll to the bottom. Press “something wrong? Get help”

Nobody here can help you and that’s the quickest/best way to get help.


I don’t have that option to contact support. I’ve been calling all day and haven’t gotten a call back

I hope these screenshots help you find and access the chat option in the app:


Chat may well be closed now until the morning, for non urgent issues as such.

Best bet would be to try the above, find that transaction and follow those instructions.

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We’ve been able to direct this user to the best place to get the support they need :white_check_mark: