Can I apply for a visa abroad with monzo bank statement

can I apply for a visa abroad with monzo bank statement?

Do they ask for a bank statement? If yes then you might be better asking in app as they can send you one suitable for official purposes


yes certain countries ask for a bank statement when applying for a travel visa as proof of finance. was just wondering if any body has done this before


It’s as official as any other U.K. bank so they can’t refuse it. Just check if a pdf print out is acceptable or not

You can ask Monzo for Stamped printed Statements on chat and they will post to your home address. Just don’t risk it because if for whatever reason they suspect statements are not good and refuse visa it would not be good for your immigration history.


I applied for my Pakistan visa last month with my Monzo statement printed and no problem.

The visa officer actually commented how they had just signed up for Monzo the previous day.


Going to Pakistan after Summer. Not sure I could deal with high 40 degrees in Summer there :grinning: Britain has made me allergic to heat and dust of Pakistan :sweat:

Sorry for the off-topic post.


It’s for work so sadly no choice in the timing.

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Update us in Monzo in Pakistan on your return.