Bank payment from Hsbc not received

This morning around 1am, someone made a payment to me of about 800£ from a HSBC bank account to my Monzo. But it never arrived.

The name and sort code entered were definitely correct, the only one that could be entered wrong is the account number (not sure)

Anyone had this issue before? What happens in this case?

It is the first time ever I’ve not received a bank payment instantly…

HSBC have probably held it for further checks. In theory it can take 2-3 days although it’s often instant, so it can be a surprise when there’s a delay.


Exactly this.

Call them, you’ll likely need to speak to their fraud team (don’t worry, it’s normal), and they can discuss it and release it for you.

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Have you confirmed if everything matched. Sounds like either HSBC have held it, or they’ve sent it to the wrong account. Ask for confirmation from them :slight_smile:

Thanks. Dont think I can call hsbc, it has to be sender I guess

Sorry I misread, yeah ask them to call.

Do you know this person or are you selling something?

I mean you need to speak to whoever sent you this money and confirm they have the right details and sent it. They should be able to screenshot the payment and show it went to the right details.

I gave my bank details in person, so there’s no record. Although I saw the payment being made in front of me

I do know the sender, but not very well.

Worst case if the account number was entered wrong, it won’t match with my name, so it will bounce back?

Or is the money lost in some random account :frowning:

The money won’t be lost, ask them to call their bank and have it released.

If you’ve gone to sell something be sure you still have the goods until funds arrive.

Common tactic to use fake apps or similar to make it look like a payment is being made.

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It’s definitely not a fake app. I know that for sure.

Just think it’s strange his app shows everything is in order and didn’t notify him the payment is being held.

HSBC don’t tell you that’s the case. Ask sender to call them to resolve.

HSBC have a history of being more strict with blocking transactions for checks, or not sending transactions at certain hours of the day etc. etc.

Faster Payments can take up to the end of the following working day, so just sit tight, get them to contact HSBC! :smiley:

Have you confirmed for 100pc sure that he put the correct details in. You mentioned the account number might have been right.

I bank with HSBC and have done for some time now. They never block any of my payments, not once, so I don’t think this is accurate, just a typical thing banks might do.

If you have confirmed 100pc that all details are correct then you need to ask them to ask HSBC what’s happening in the unlikely event it is a fraud block.

Sounds more like they’ve told you they have, but haven’t send it tbh. As @Carlo1460 says if this is for goods, don’t send them until the money is in your account.

Ok thanks all, kinda stressful ngl.

Also the same sender made another payment of similar amount to another friend of mine just 30 mins before, and that one arrived straight away.

Maybe the bank got suspicious of 2 largish amounts being sent in the early hours of the morning…

There’s no way of knowing in app if the details entered were correct. It doesn’t show that. The only way is for them to speak to hsbc.

I saw them make the payment in front of me, so the payment was made 100%

I will report back tmr. :cold_sweat:

Not true. At each stage of the process it shows you the details of the account it’s going to and even on the very last page where you have to click confirm payment it shows you the name, sort code and account number in HSBC

Yes right, I mean after the payment is done, theres no way to check what account number was entered.

Just spoke to the sender, his whole account was suspended as the transactions were considered suspicious. It was 3 transactions to 3 different accounts between 1-2am.

The mistery is solved. :face_exhaling:

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Whatever the money is for, etc. Don’t let the person pressure you into parting with anything until you have the money in your account.

Doesn’t matter if their account says sent, or whatever, if it’s not in your bank, it’s not in your bank! They need to deal with HSBC, and you should just play dumb and be like “no idea, it’s not in my account, pls try again”.



There is - as HSBC save the details of the account the money was sent too - and this can be seen by the account holder in the HSBC app/website.

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