Bank Holiday Sunburn Club!

Sooooo who is back in the office today with a bank holiday sunburn? I got my shoulders and the tip of my nose. I’m trying to pretend it’s a requirement of a bank holiday so I don’t feel as silly. :smile::crazy_face:

As someone with the pale skin of a Scandinavian cave-dweller (thank you, genetics!), it was only right that I spent barely an hour in the sun, and now have horrifically red arms, face, and back of neck.

The struggle is real.

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I’m mildly red under the 90% of me that’s now freckles. Sun comes out, freckles come out :woman_shrugging:

I remembered to apply suncream on my arms before leaving yesterday… I did get burned on Friday, though.

I’m not sure about my neck or face, I can’t see it (and I’m not looking in a mirror either…).

I’ve always burned horrifically easily (ginger hair, freckled pale skin…). When I was in Year 1, my neck burned so bad that the skin started flaking off completely (the headteacher used me as an example of someone that burns easily in an assembly… she then made me show the entire school the very, very bad burn).

Same! I was outside for an hour and a half I think and WHAM big old burn and tan lines already. My back is going to look stripey for the rest of the year.

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Working the whole weekend so no sun tan :disappointed:

But jeez someone here came back well burnt

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Currently very brown arms and back of my neck, was in beer gardens all day Sunday :sun_with_face: :beers:

I know there’s a huge amount of love shown for Hot Coral in here.

But, Jeez! The lengths people will go to!!!