Bank Balance alert

Would really love a feature that notifies you of your bank balance either weekly or when it drops below a number set by the user.

I always have to remember to check my balance so would be helpful to have the balance sent to phone notification or via text message.

Could be something implemented as maybe a Push Notification from the app

With how easy it is to open the app I personally don’t see the need for this. If I want to know my balance I simply press my finger on the reader and it’s there.

I could understand this if you had to jump through lots of hoops to log in like with traditional banks but not with Monzo.

Each to their own though and good luck with your suggestion :slight_smile:


I use the widgets on iOS, and swipe across & can see it :eyes:

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It will already tell you if you’re going to fail a DD doesn’t it?

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Us poor Android people only have ‘send money’ as a widget shortcut :sob:

Us poor Android people have no widgets at all, only long-press-on-icon shortcuts :sob:

I’d love to have a widget, even a meta-widget/IFTTT combo, but Joint Account too :sob::sob:

Android, Joint Account - sucker for punishment…

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I’d certainly use widgets if that was an option.

I have similar to the below for my Adsense earnings which is great to check up on now and then. For Monzo I’d show my balance, upcoming direct debits, left to spend perhaps? :thinking:

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The iOS widget shows balance and spent today, which suits me fine.