Balance alert


Been using monzo for a little while.

Feature request, I would like it to remind me of my balance everytime I make a payment.

It would help me keep the balance in mind.




It has been suggested a few times…

Hey @House2018 :wave: I’ve moved your post to the idea forum.

Not sure what your OS is but if you’re on iOS you can activate the widget which lets you see your balance at any time from your widget screen which might give you what you need

I’m pretty convinced this happened in the prepaid card days. It stopped when the current account started.

It was a good feature. I think there was a feeling that it was part of the old system, and therefore not relevant as part of th current account.

Edited: I could have dreamt this!!

Ok cool I will look into that. Thanks for replying

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Not so mad then. Thanks for replying.

Great thanks for replying. I used monzo to pay the shopping so it useful to see how much I have left. Have a good weekend all


i wouldn’t like this. For privacy reasons I wouldn’t want my balance visible unless I’m inside the app.

Monzo - if you ever do this please make it an optional feature.


Not a dream at all. We did bring it over to the current account to begin with, but people are more sensitive about displaying their balance in an insecure form from a current account. So, we removed it. Makes sense for those concerned with privacy.

Theres a split about which approach is better, for sure.


But if it was optional that would please everyone. I’d really find it useful.

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