Balance Alerts

Hi everyone,
First post here - I’m not sure if this feature already exists or not, but is it currently possible to set up an alert (app or sms) if your balance dips below a certain amount?

If it doesn’t exist, is this the best place to have it considered for future feature implementation?

Hope you are all doing well.

The feature doesn’t exist :slight_smile:

You’ll be happy to know that this is the right area to suggest it because people can now vote for this idea with the hope that enough people do so that it gets the attention of Monzo :+1:

On top of this, what about an SMS Alert that provides a Mini Statement?? I get this from my current legacy Bank.

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With the app always up to date and on your phone, what’s the value in an SMS?

You could set a budget. So when you spend a certain amount of that it’ll notify you when you’re getting to half or nearly full of that budget. That’s the closest I can think of.

When you get near to exceeding or actually do exceed any budget, you get a push notification.


@Feathers Yes I do understand but sometimes it’s quicker to see a Text message than login to an App using Fingerprint technology.

I know Monzo are using the latest technology to create and maintain their App so is alot better than legacy Banks out there, HSBC, TSB etc. TSB for example have a shocking App compared to them, but they also send out Mini Statements via SMS, which saves me time logging in using FP sensors. (Yes this could be down to phone) How about Monzo bring in Face ID if your phone has the technology?

Face ID to open your app? That’s already available

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@Reena Are you on iOS? Try long press on the app to get spent today and balance. I use this a bit instead of going into the app but it’s not easily discoverable (unless you long press everything :wink:).

On Android

Do you need biometric security to open the app? You presumably already have it to log into your phone, and you need it to authorise any money leaving the app, so there’s not much/any harm in disabling biometric security to open Monzo.

@Zain - I have it enabled as I have a nearly 2 year old that can pretty much navigate round my phone using YouTube etc, so I don’t particularly need her accessing my Banking App, just because.

Use your fingerprint to unlock the Monzo app, move it to an Android Secure folder or hide the app from your home screen :slight_smile: