Overall balance with Monzo Plus

I just recently got Monzo Plus and one of the great things that I would’ve loved to have seen was an overall balance function. A section in the app that could tell me if I am in red or in green this month and by how much. This could be done between select credit cards and debit cards where my salary goes into. It would also be great to choose recurring costs and bills to know expected expenses each month and even be able to add further one off ones.

So like a mix of current account balance and trends in one?

Yeah basically a current balance but as a summation of select accounts (e.g. -my monzo overdraft + barclays debit balance - barclaycard credit - amex credit). It could probably live somewhere in the trends page yeah.

This is absolutely needed. Trends is currently backwards facing - what has happened in the past so far? This is only for analysis as to what went right or what went wrong. No-one can change what has already happened, so it’s only a non-action/info feature.

What’s also needed is the reverse - what is going to happen in the future if… this allows you to see any upcoming issues and what would affect your future financials if certain things were purchased/subscribed-to/invested-in/etc.

Manual future one-off payments. Manual recurring payments. Future reporting cycles. Investment reports. Pension contribution performance. Trends has potential but must consider the future in addition to the past. The key to this though is a rolling balance - and there’s another story!


That’s a very good way to put it, more future facing. Would be great if I could put my saving goals in there (e.g. £100 to Barclays Everyday Saver, £100 to Monzo Pot, £100 to interactive investors, £100 to MetaMask / Coinbase, and whatever else it might be). Then I could place all my bills and rent / mortgage that I know will go out against my salary and other passive income. Monzo could recognise and tell me some of my regular INs and OUTs but I should still be able to adjust them in said interface. Then I can see when I spent too much on clothes / travel / nights out before the end of month and slow down to not fall red against my target.

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I’m also keen for this. I currently do a manual calculation of left to spend - Amex balance. Would be nice to have this in the app. But also with the option of showing a breakdown by day. So left to spend / days left so I can work to a more daily budget