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Ok so this evening I got this alert come through Monzo and fair play for saying my balance was low and all but I’m not sure it’s relevant in a post pre paid world or I at least want the ability to turn it off mostly because…I have no money to add. Monzo is my only bank account where money comes into and comes out of so if I’m low on cash there is no option to Add more money!


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll pass this along for you.

(Peter Roberts) #3

It also implies declines will start immediately not just when balance reaches zero, like the overdraft warning

(Gareth) #4

If the user has some money in a pot, transfer money could be a good prompt?

(James Murray-Ferris) #5

Yes that would be a good one. And I do have a pot sadly money I can’t use mind but still I have pots with money in

(Caspar) #6

I actually got a notification about this when I moved money into a pot (it popped up as a notification while I was still in the app, which seemed odd) and I thought it would feel really insensitive if I was in a position where I literally had no other money than what is already in my Monzo account (a situation I’ve been in in the past). Like, I’d love to transfer money in, and I know my balance is low but… :man_shrugging:

(Frank) #7

Some good spots and agree these are relevant for prepaid but not so much the current account. :+1:t2:

(Kenneth C Lawrence) #8

I agree, a low balance notification is brilliant so I know where I stand, but asking me to top up is redundant to me now.

(#savetheseabass) #9

Playing devils advocate here but plenty still use it in the same way as prepaid card and they were told when switching it was no different to prepaid except extra features.

(But it irritates me too)


I don’t think asking to Top Up is actually redundant!

if you retain a second account you may top up from there

If you don’t have a second account you may wish to top up by borrowing from family or friends

It is only a suggestion, not compulsory, and a good suggestion to make if you have so little in your account

(#savetheseabass) #11

I just don’t like being told the obvious

‘You have no money. If you add some money you won’t have no money anymore’



The simple solution is a toggle in the settings to turn on/off low balance warnings

(#savetheseabass) #13

I’m not that bothered, just makes me roll my eyes in the same way I do at warnings on take away coffee

And to be warned of a low balance is helpful


the warnings that annoy me are “Caution: May contain nuts” on a pack of peanuts :frowning:

(Kevyn) #15

The notification can be helpful to let you know you are running out of money but the popup is redundant in my view. Especially if Monzo are trying to move people away from Top-ups to Faster Payments (even if they are keeping the Top-up feature).

(James Murray-Ferris) #16

Now you see that shouldn’t have happened in your case in my opinion because you put yourself in that situation.

I have to say it did feel a tad insensitive (which is almost impossible since it’s just a logic engine with rules) that it assumed I just had more money lying around to add to my Monzo account.

I can see the point that some people don’t and therefor this is very useful but since it is my main me having no money is just a genuine fact of my financial state :joy: (well except the couple of hundred pounds stuffed in a pot but that’s to pay the removal men when we move house next month)

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