Notifications based on rules (eg balance below x)

With my “old” bank i could set up SMS messages to alert me to certain criteria. In general Monzo has gone far beyond that with its notifications and made may of the options irrelevant. However, i do miss the alert when my balance falls below a certain amount. I could set it so if my balance dropped below £100 for example then I know I’d need to take action to manage the remainder or transfer from another account. It looks like for specific budgets it might alert when you near the limited but I cannot see a away to set an alert when my total account balance drops below a certain amount.

I know this is a suggestion for native functionality but my immediate thought here was to suggest IFTTT.

Surely this is a perfect use case for the Monzo + IFTTT integration. But actually Monzo balance doesn’t seem to be available as an IFTTT trigger :disappointed:

Seems odd to me given IFTTT integration is almost two years old.

Agree that the IFTTT integration would have been a good workaround Although I’ve used IFTTT for years I wasn’t aware Monzo was on there as an option till I saw another post on this forum after I posted this suggestion last night.

Was a little surprised not to see balance amount as an option on there as this is such a simple thing to help people manage their money better.

I note there is a third party widget using the API that allows a widget to display balance but I would prefer to avoid using the services of an unknown/untested solution. However I dont really want to be constantly logging in to app just to check balance either.

I have something similar set up on Santander and would be nice to see Monzo release it or balance in IFTTT

Perhaps also when I’m under £x pef day until payday.