BACS Credits to Monzo CA

Wonder if anyone else has has this with a bank transfer into Monzo

Direct Credit sent Monday approx 4pm via BACS so was expecting in my Monzo CA Wednesday AM? but no sign of it of it this Morning?

What time do Monzo usually clear BACS transfers or can it clear at any point of the day.


I’ve not personally had a BACs credit to my account yet, though I believe CeX will be using that in the coming days :slight_smile: So I will likely be able to see how long it takes!

But according to this site it’s 3 working days:

Disadvantages of Bacs Direct Credit

  • Not suitable for same-day payments (takes 3 working days).
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BACS works on a three day cycle so it isn’t really up to Monzo when you’re credited :confused:

It make take up to a week for your account to be credited depending on when in the cycle your payment was sent.

4pm is also around the deadline for some banks (if I understand correctly) for a bacs payment to be made that working day, after that it goes in next days batch

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Hi Andy, when did you end up getting it? On the Thursday? Waiting for a Bacs credit payment myself

Hi @Crabbe,

It took 4 days to arrive, so not too bad…

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