2 days from now BAC

If I have a BACS stating two days from now, what date will it be paid, is it inclusive of the day we are on now or 2 days from midnight tonight

Am I right in thinking it’s Monday


Yes it’ll be Monday. BACS debits and credits are sent to your bank the working day before they are processed


I always thought BACS didn’t use none working days. So for a payment to pay on Monday the sender would need to set up on Thursday?

For a direct debit or credit to be processed on a Monday then Monzo would need to have received the BACS file by Friday so processing would have begun on Thursday with BACS being informed of the debit/credit

I understand what your saying however if the original poster said it’s paid in 2 days time how is this Monday? It’s 2 working days. If Monzo are purely saying a payment is due out that’s as they were notified on Friday & this it’s 1 day.
BACS are paid in 2 working days that’s the important part to reference here as Monzo takes money on non working days.

When BACS debits/credits appear on Monzo they are shown as calendar days until paid not working days until paid. In screenshot below this will be paid to virgin money on Monday:



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