What Time Do Card Payments Clear?

Hey everyone. :slight_smile: Pretty new to this forum and new to Monzo in general. :slight_smile:

I’m expecting a refund that is being paid back to my card. I know that Halifax tend to update their systems at 12:15am and 3:15pm at which time any card credits are applied, but I’m not sure what the Monzo timings are? I know that BACS payments go in at about 1am, but I’m not sure about payments that are going back to a card.

Does that make sense?

Thank you.

I got one at 18:07 on Monday, so I would assume Monzo credit when they actually receive it


You will receive the credit as soon as Monzo get it. How quick this is depends on how quick the merchant sends the money to their merchant bank and how quick the merchant bank processes their files and sends the money on to monzo

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Unfortunately, you’re unlikely to find a solid answer for this one as it can vary quite a lot. There are many factors (some in our control, many not) that would determine what time a card credit or finalised debit would be applied.

What I can say is that our systems will credit you as soon as we receive and can process it (this is generally quite quickly!). Additionally, we participate in all possible Mastercard clearing cycles.

By far the most common reason for any delays is where a merchant’s card processor hasn’t actually sent it into the Mastercard network yet. :slightly_smiling_face:

Bacs payments are slightly different as we receive the file a few days in advanced and can stage them in our system ahead of the file’s actual processing date. This is how we can show Direct Debits and many salary payments a day or more ahead. :money_with_wings:


Ah! Thanks so much guys. :slight_smile: Seems a better way of doing it i.e. crediting as soon as it’s received and processed rather than there being set times regardless. :slight_smile:

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