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Hi all just a question that’s been bugging me for a while. Are incoming BACS payments manually added to our accounts by Monzo staff or do they go straight on automatically as they’re received?

It’s only idle curiosity that makes me ask as I’ve no problems or issues but I’ve noticed that at the end of the month they appear as pending around lunchtime the day before,instead of the wee small hours normally.

Thanks for any answers

I’m sure it’s automatic otherwise it would require an awful lot of staff to process them


The A in BACS is automated


Thanks for the answers .

I think it’s actually somewhere in between, mostly BACs is done through CSV files (yes, I know!) which are manually uploaded. I mean, they aren’t done individually obviously but it’s not usually full automatic. Unless someone at Monzo has made it so. Which wouldn’t be surprising.

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No I didn’t think it was an individual thing just probably Monzo I suppose batch loading them earlier as obviously at the end of the month more people are paid etc etc.

Thanks again everyone for replying. :wave:

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In terms of appearing a day before. BACS payments take three business days between leaving one account, and joining the other. I think it’s like, day one info is sent, day two info is received / applied by receiving bank and actual money is exchanged between banks, day three they apply to your account. So all banks know a day before that a BACS payment is to be credited next working day. Just most (I don’t think?) show you

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Here’s a good article by Tom’s old business.

Tom Blomfield if anyone is who’s Tom. :wink:

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I believe that these are now processed automatically.

Previously the batch had to be manually downloaded and uploaded, but now it’s all magically done behind the scenes. As so often is the case I’m not particularly close to this area of the business though!

My understanding is that we download a daily batch file (AUDDIS) which contains all the information about new direct debits instructions, cancelled direct debits and direct debit payments which is then processed around 1am.

It can take a few hours to run through all of these - which is why if you work nights then you’ll see the direct debits come over a period of time rather than all at once. It’s the worst thing about working nights around the 1st of the month, I can see my balance being slowly drained between 1-3am :joy::joy:


Yes, and often I wake on the first working day of the month to a load of notifications from Starling telling me each DD has diminished my balance somewhat!

Thanks Dan

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