Backlash against Revolut's Advert

I don’t think the advert is poking fun at single people. But I do think the You ok hun is patronising and clearly aimed at women rather than men which is problematic.


That’s what I thought but I thought i was just reading into it too much.
The fact that it was aimed at women more than men

Yeah, you definitely didn’t read into it too much. It plays into the societal norms about how women should be. If it had said something different and supportive about single life and used language that wasn’t aimed at a gender it would have been a better

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Makes me wonder who it was written by

Probably Chad. He’s an expert in obnoxious.


How did you come to this conclusion? I always thought the word Hun was a shortened version of Honey? Or am I wrong? and at what point was calling someone Honey exclusively directed to women? If anything I’ve heard women saying it way more than men in my lifetime…

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Depends on the part of the country you’re in, and what social circles you mix in. I say this as a gay man where hun is often expressed. It’s one thing to talk with your friends and use expressions like this, but in a formal setting and the context of the advert the advert hits the wrong tone

I think if it had been aimed at men it’d probably say mate or bud.


I’m not offended. I don’t think people are. It just makes a news story.

Honestly I don’t think there is ever a real outcry over these things. It’s the whole banning Christmas crap - nobody is actually ever offended.


What was Spotify’s response? Anyone got a link?

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I read it yesterday and I forgot about it within 5 seconds - that’s how effective this ad is… but to get worked up over it?

Richard, you ok hun?

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Or get out more.


Feels like a “backlash” is “sparked” every bleeding day :sweat_smile:


I don’t understand all the emotion on this.

Using words like “single-shaming” (on one side) and then getting offended about people taking offence (on the other) just seems to be perpetuating difference rather than discussing the content.

Personally, I think it’s derivative and in poor taste. But that’s just an opinion, isn’t it? It’s not something I’m going to get angry about - or a view that I’m going to go out of my way to defend.


Revolut tried to imitate other recent ‘campaigns’ from Spotify to Netflx and Facebook group ‘U OK Hun’. Unfortunately it didn’t work for them.

Will leave this here :smiley:

There’s already a thread discussing the two approaches so this discussion would be more focussed over there.

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