Chase Bank Copies Monzo Ad

Anyone noticed how similar the radio ad for chase sounds like the Monzo Tv Ad

Bit annoying

Not really. I mean firstly the Monzo TV ad was quite some time ago now, but I don’t think it was some unique style that isn’t done by lots of other companies.

I wouldn’t get too annoyed by it; bigger fish to fry :joy:


It certainly gave me those vibes and I noticed the similarities. Monzo’s ad was great imo, and so is Chase’s. But the idea is far from original.


1st world problems

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Good to see you’ve changed your mind about not using the forum anymore.

Have you got a link to this advert?


It’ll be this one that’s been playing on tv and before YouTube videos since they launched (had friends tell me they’ve been playing in cinemas too):

Yes it’s David Tennant.

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I don’t see the issue?
Seems like a generic tech Bank advert to me.
Tennant is my man crush though :heart_eyes:


It’s very generic. I don’t mind it, but it’s really quite an ordinary advert. The US is filled with this style (in between the medical ads of course :joy:)

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Seems to be a very effective radio ad:



Did you tell your colleague you’re about to post on a forum you’ve have two* tantrums on and said you’d never be back but keep coming back to?

Maybe it’s you that needs to go out and meet people.

*Third one in progress.


No just 1st world problems, doesn’t affect anything in the slightest

Do you also get upset that Tesco and Sainsbury’s are running virtually identical ads at the moment (We price check against Aldi, so you don’t have to!’).

The Monzo ad wasn’t that original to begin with - the initial ad for the TSB relaunch after it split from Lloyds had a similar concept - people being ‘reintroduced’ to the bank.


I’ve always found the Aldi comparison a bit odd - why would I go to a shop that has 200 things at Aldi prices instead of going to Aldi that has everything at Aldi prices? It’s like a hotel saying they have two rooms that are as good as the hotel next door.

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If folks thought the ad for the current account advert was ripping off Monzo, wait until you see the ad for their savings account! :joy:

The ad for their what‽

Again though, how is this ripping off Monzo?

Why do you get all the fun surveys‽

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It’s very similar to Monzo’s pool scene in their ad. Both feature a woman on a lilo and are about saving for a holiday.

Be careful I had a warning about sharing the info before taking the survey! :grimacing:

It looks promising though; if they can get a decent rate then great.

Ideally the savings accounts will be able to make direct debits and such too… a bills pot earning interest while it’s sitting there to be paid, yes please.


Ooo, thanks! I’ll redact. Important to note there’s been no reference to any sort of NDA so far.

Edit: gone back through my screenshots of each page and saw no such message at the start of the survey for me! Deleted a few posts in caution though.

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