Awaiting phone replacement - Ability to send payments without access

Afternoon all.

I am awaiting phone replacement after complete screen burnout. However the phone could be a few day’s to arrive and I need to send a couple of payments tomorrow. Is there an ability to send payments without access to the personal phone App.?

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Do you have an old phone or a friends phone you can install the app on?

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Afternoon Revels,

If somebody already has the Monzo app on the phone, would I be able to use their phone to access my account or is it attributed to their account on that particular phone only, or can you access more than one account through the same app (on the same phone) >. Regards

Yep. Log them out, you’ll need the magic link in the email to log in, so you’ll need to use the browser too.

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Great advice Revels. Will look into it.

You can also use the BlueStacks android emulator to access your Monzo account

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Shows how naïve I am in regards to certain things application wise etc. Never heard of it. How does it work and is it freely available Andrew. Regards

It’s an Android emulator for your computer

BlueStacks – Fastest Android Emulator for PC & Mac |100% Safe and FREE

you sign in to your google account and get full playstore access like an Android phone and thus the Monzo App

Yes, it was designed around playing android games on PC, but you obviously don’t have to use it for that

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Fantastic - will give this a look too - and will be handy for the future. Regards

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