Average Daily Spend?

(Alec Farmer) #1

I’d find it helpful if there was a feature to show your average daily spend each month. You could even set a target and the app could warn you if you’re going over that each day.

Would anyone else find this helpful?

(Marta) #2

I would find it useful, but implementation seems not as straighforward. Let’s say you buy washing machine gel as small part of your groceries.
It would be a bit weird to attribute this spent on per day basis… Not only you don’t wash your clothes every day, this product will last more than a month. However, knowing that plenty of products will be consumed gradually and assuming that you replenish cooking oil, ketchup and kitchen towels regularly, due to regular purchase of those goods, some assumptions can be made.

For top level info, maybe ability to see trend over time, so we are able to say “hmm, looks like I live one pound cheaper per day than 4 months ago”… but it will be hugely inaccurate. Also, it will be very susceptible to changes… imagine user pays £30 for one shopping in cash, because terminal was broken, and whole average goes -£1… One month, user visits cinema twice because it was Deadpool premiere, already +£1 (this includes overprices popcorn).

I’m not sure how average daily spent can be meaningful without going into those tiny details.


Some people who have a regular daily routine, commute fees, lunch, etc it could make sense…

My spending doesnt work like that… Its none for a while, then a big lump… then none… This idea wouldnt work for me much.

(Alex Sherwood) #4

This idea has now been added to the Extraordinary Ideas Board :smiley: