Additional Spending Summaries

The main thing I like about Monzo is the categorization of my spending habits. At the moment, we get categorization based on type of purchase. I would also like to be able to see a breakdown of my spending habits based on day of week and perhaps even time of day.

For example,
On average, how much do I spend on week days vs weekend days?
How much do I tend to spend on particular days of the week?
How much do i tend to spend at different times of day (morning, afternoon, evening).

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Note: The original title of this topic was “Categorize average/total spending based on day of week and perhaps time of day”.

I changed it to it’s current title “Additional Spending Summaries” to shorten the name, make it easier to digest & find in search results.

I can see how this information would be pretty useful, when preparing / managing your budget for your next time period between paydays, as for users who work full time, the weekends will generally be more expensive so a 5 weekend month means that you’ll have to be more careful with your spending than you would in a 4 weekend month.

These bits of data are a little bit more granular & I’m not quite sure how I could turn this information into action - in other words, what would make it useful for me. I’d be interested to hear how you would use it.

Obviously these types of stats are easy to extract from your data but it’s difficult to build lots of different filters into the app, without making the controls difficult to understand & use. It doesn’t look like you’ll be able to get to these data points when the enhanced search feature is built.

I also don’t know how many users will want to know exactly this information - we’ll see how much interest there is in this post.

But once Monzo’s API is ready, perhaps a 3rd party developer could build an app to give you these answers…
Or you could of course do this analysis in a spreadsheet, having exported your transaction data (coming soon, for the Android app).

I think knowledge of how much I tend to spend on different days of the week / parts of the week would be useful for helping me identify where I may be able to reduce my spending. With this knowledge I could be more mindful of my spending on these days.

The time of day thing would be more of a curiosity really.

Didn’t know about Monzo API - good to hear!

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