You can now auto-export documents to Google Drive for Monzo Business

Hi :wave:

I’m Chris, one of the software engineers in Monzo Business.

We’ve recently launched a new feature on iOS and Android called auto-export documents. And we’d love to hear your feedback :handshake:.

This feature allows you to set up an automatic export of monthly statements and paid invoices into Google Drive. From Google Drive, you can share access to those who need to see these documents (e.g. your accountant), or keep them in a folder for yourself.

Auto-export documents has been live for a few weeks with the ability to export statements, and we just introduced the ability to export paid invoices on Monday. This feature can be found on the Overview screen in the features list at the bottom - go and check it out!

Have you used this feature yet? If so, we’d like to hear your thoughts! What’s great about it? What would you like to see next? You can reply to this thread or DM me directly.



Hey @chris_w this looks like a great feature. Unfortunately, I’m not a business customer so can’t try this out. I wondered if this was something intended to come to Premium too at some point to sit alongside the export of transactions?

Sorry this isn’t strictly the feedback you’re after :smiley:

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I love this feature. Formerly, I’d need to fill in a spreadsheet every month for my accountants detailing each transaction and I don’t need to do that any more (caveat that they tested it with August’s information but will be doing it for real for September). I’d also need to export monthly bank statements but again that’s no longer required.

I still need to send invoices over each month but that’s due to the way they’re generated - not in the Monzo app but via a separate system.

This is the first Monzo business feature that’s made a real difference for me and so far, it has all worked seamlessly. Thanks!


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll definitely this share this with the team that builds Plus/Premium and let them know that you’re interested in using this feature on your personal account too.


This sounds like a great feature! I have a business account but not a Google drive account. Is there any chance this will be extended to other cloud providers in the future? iCloud Drive would be most useful to me but failing that, Dropbox would be good.

hey, this is a really nice feature, my only feedback is that it would be nice if the setup process had a way to restrict access to a specific folder rather that an entire google drive account, would that be possible, or maybe it works that way already and just isn’t obvious, thanks

Hi Chris, I’m one of the software engineers that worked on this feature. When setting up auto-export documents we only request one permission which Google says allows us to “See, edit, create, and delete only the specific Google Drive files you use with this app”. That means we can’t see any other files or folders that weren’t created by Monzo.