Automatic transaction notes

Hi all, I have a very small update for you today before tomorrow’s big feature!

Some of you may have noticed that the automatic transaction notes that were added to some prepaid transactions have not been present in the current account app. Notes like “Delayed transaction for …” or “Active card check” which sometimes accompany a transaction.

Screenshot of TFL transaction

Today we released this feature for current accounts and the notes will be added to all future relevant transactions. There are also some updated notes for ATM transactions (the note will be different for balance inquiries and PIN change/unblocks). If you have any questions about the feature or any suggestions for future notes let me know!


Would it be possible to backfill these into existing transactions?


Yes, we’ll look into backfilling these over the next few days :+1:


Active card checks now coming up in CA as they did in prepaid. :raised_hands:


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