✅ Notes on 3rd Party Account Transactions

Hey Monzo experts!

First of all, thank you for all your work in the Monzo app! I’ve been a customer since 2019 and couldn’t be happier to see how much the app and the services you provide have been improving over the years!

Features like pots and virtual cards have been extremely useful to me!
You’ve also done an amazing job at Trends! I’ve tried multiple apps to manage my multiple accounts (e.g. checking, credit cards) and none of them have feature sets as good as Trends…

Feature request

I’ve been using the Third Party accounts feature in Monzo plus for a while. Recently I got a new credit card where I’m making most of my purchases.
I noticed that in 3rd party account transactions, I can’t add any custom notes like I can in the Monzo ones.

Having the ability to categorize the transaction is already very useful, because it shows up properly in my Trends. But the transactions from the credit card are not usually as informative as the Monzo ones (name of merchant, location, etc), so I would love to have the ability to add more information about it myself (e.g. beer at pub X, train tickets to Y).

Do you have any plans to provide this feature?


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There are no announced plans.

This has been suggested before, be sure to search for it on here and add your vote if it’s something you’d like to see :slight_smile:

This would be an excellent addition. I’m very much here for it - thanks for sharing!

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I would also like this. I hate clicking into a transaction and realising I can’t add a note!

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Which thread are you referring to? I’ve just had a search and can’t find another feedback/ideas thread specifically on notes for connected account transactions.

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I just wanted to come back here to thank the Monzo team for implementing this feature!
I’ve already used it so many times in the past week!!

Minor feedback I have, to make this even better, is to allow us to add notes to these credit card transactions (and categorize as well BTW) when they’re still pending…

This is because we might want to categorize and add notes right after the transaction happened.
But I think I’ll write another post to ask about this.

Thank you!


This is very exciting… But I don’t have it yet on Android.

Must be a phased roll out but I can tell I’m gonna be a heavy user!

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I have notes on external transactions on Android. It’s okay, BUT they do not appear in the account feed so the only way to see them is by entering the transactions individually… I’m hoping that this will change at some point soon :crossed_fingers:t3:

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I think this is unlikely. In other threads (here and in forums of other aggregators) it’s been mentioned that pending and cleared transactions are separate transactions that are hard to link in a reliable way. That’s why edits aren’t available whilst pending.