Balance updated while before transaction listed

Hi there! :slight_smile: Just got my shiny new Monzo Bank debit card. Still using the pre-paid one for most things, but trying things out gradually.

One thing at the very start, that was sort of strange. From my external bank account I’ve transferred some funds to the Monzo Bank account. It was awesome, that the balance popped up really within a second or so. On the other hand, the transaction wasn’t listed till a while later. So it looked weird that the balance was updated but no corresponding transaction record (not even something like “pending”) - like this:


Is that intended, or can it be nicer? (and boy are we setting the bar very high for Monzo, because you already rock :slight_smile: )

I think there were a few issues with notifications for some people for a bit, maybe you were affected?

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Just to add some context, here’s the issue that Hugh’s referring to :point_down: hopefully it’s sorted now :sweat_smile:


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