Automatic Salary Sorter

It would be nice if the salary sorter could be set to be automatic - an option that people could opt in to explicitly. At the moment it’s quite annoying having to sort the payments every month manually when clearly this could be completely automated. I saw a suggestion in the help section to use a scheduled payment instead, but unfortunately I already use a scheduled payment to pay myself, so that doesn’t really work a I have no control on which one happens first.

This will never happen because Monzo don’t want the blame and people won’t take the responsibility.

Gas prices are a perfect example.

Monzo says I need £1000 to cover my bills and automatically sorts it for me. Wonderful. I spend all my money and then my gas bill is £100 more on 30th of the month which then bounces because I’ve spent everything else. Rage ensues. Blame for Monzo follows.

It’s a couple of taps every time you get paid. Hardly end of the world.

I think that it can happen. Ultimately the responsibility for paying bills falls on the user, and even with the manual sorter bills can and will fluctuate - phone being another prime example. Personally I’d wager that this has never been done more likely because at Monzo teams form and reform, nobody “owns” a particular part of the product, and so later incremental additions and changes - however obvious - occasionally don’t get prioritised. Just witness buld category updates; that took forever.

Regardless of being two taps, its two that you really need to do immediately, and remember to do, or money goes out and the values don’t match up - like for me this month. And then you have to start calculating how much has gone out to get it right. So it’s more of a usability issue than you imagine.

But it’s really up to Monzo to determine whether this is something they can / will do, rather than two random user’s idle speculation on their internal processes.

Surely the notification that you’ve been paid is enough of a reminder to sort it? If you forget to do it, you’re just as likely to forget to change the amounts and that proves my point.

The responsibility does fall to the user but life doesn’t work like that and Monzo don’t want/need the bad press of people blaming them for failing to pay their bills. The other day you were saying things were too complex and now you want to make it more complex.

True, but I’m just repeating the same comments all the other times this has been mentioned.

Comments from Monzo staff?

@Ordog You moved this to “done”, but it’s not.

I just set up a bunch of schedule pot moves a couple of days after salary, job done. I don’t bother with the salary sorter at all. The bills pot has a surplus just in case of insane utility price surges anyway.

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The other way around. I moved it out of “done” :stuck_out_tongue:

You can see the edit history by clicking the pencil icon with the ‘1’ next to it.

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Until you are able to edit salary sorter at any time of the month, I have no use for it.

All my movements are scheduled payments, be it internal or external.

With Salary Sorter, there is no way to check where your money is going until the moment of sort. That’s no use to me.

Oh right :man_facepalming:

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