View salary sorter - current selection

There are 3 potential improvements:

  1. As a user, I would like to see my current salary sorting choice, so that I can double check that it is suitable for this month in case I need to add more to my bills pot next month.

  2. As a user, I would like to set up my salary sorter without having to do this from a previous salary already credited, so that I don’t have to move monies around

Details: To set this up, I had to mimic the payment by sending large transfers in and out of other accounts. I was flagged for suspicious activity/ fraud at Santander while I was testing.

  1. As a user, I would like to see my previous salary sorting choice, so that I can understand how I managed my money previously

I’m not understanding what you were doing with your Santander account. Do you normally get paid into Santander and transfer money over?

Couldn’t you just wait till you got paid again and edit it then? I don’t understand why this needs to be actively managed in advance? It’s just a manual separation tool on payday?

My electric bill DD has just been changed, I now need to write down a reminder to change the salary sorter in 2 weeks time or I’ll forget. It would be useful if I could just edit it now and not to mention this functionality would be needed anyway if the salary sorter was to become automated


Yep, agree with this. I’ve had several changes to the way I’m sorting my salary this month. I’d much rather be able to view it and alter now than have to remind myself on pay day. It’s a nice to have feature.


Use the calculated amount you need to transfer as part of the title of the bills pot you use for bills.

For example, rename the ‘Bills’ pot to “Bills (£950)”, then you know how much to transfer when salary sorter triggers. If the bills are likely to change before the next time they are taken, rename the pot accordingly.

That’s not a bad idea but is really just a work around for the underlying issue and I have around 15 pots to maintain. A button to for the salary sorter could easily be added to the UI. The rest of the functionality has already been implemented


Wasn’t the plan to make the bills pot automatically work out how much you needed for all your bills? Would this then suffice or would connecting direct debit amounts to the salary sorter also help?


Maybe for some people and in some cases. I know my next DD for electric next month is changing but Monzo don’t know this and would therefore need to estimate based on the previous month which would be incorrect. If that makes sense

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I think people need to have a bit of responsibility themselves.

If last month I put £1000 into my bills account, £200 into holiday, £100 into car etc etc then I think it’s good that it remembers it with a “Hey, this is what you did last month, would you like to do that again?”

But once you go down the road of “You need £972.91” for your bills this month, like above when the DD changes for gas/electric/sky or whatever, when your account is at £0.01 and the DD fails, you’ll blame Monzo. “But you said I’d need £972.91 for my bills and it went up!!!111!!!1”

I know Monzo tells me the day before if a direct debit is changing and that’s very helpful, but it won’t tell me about one 3 weeks in advance and a lot of people would assume the first figure has it all covered.

Logging in to see you’ve been paid, having a prompt to sort it and it remembering last months is great I think. Sometimes over-automation will hinder rather than help.


Yeah I agree that too much automation removes that responsibility from users. Giving access to the salary sorter through-out the month will help users plan and manage their money themselves.

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Definitely. I have mine in a spreadsheet and then have to refer back to it, but it would be far easier if I could see that in Monzo ahead of time.

I find the Salary Sorter useless for me in its current form.

Until I can edit it in advance, I’ll stick to Scheduled Payments.

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It’s perfectly fine that you don’t find it useful in its current form but I can’t be the only one wondering why the entire thing is useless just because you can’t edit in advance?

I guess it depends how people use it.

I don’t think editing something like salary sorter should to be restricted to 1 day a month though. If I was still using schedule payments for pots I’d go and edit them as when I needed but can’t do that now with salary sorter.

Imagine if you could only edit schedule pot payments on 1 day of the month, there would be a number of people that would get fed up and stop using them


That’s why I asked so I can understand the differences :smiley:

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I do find it bizarre how people deem something so useless just because it doesn’t fit their unique use-case.

Given that Salary Sorter applies to any payment (over £100?) I’m troubled about how people want Monzo to display all of these for selection and manipulation. I guess they’re all available somewhere since they’re needed in case the payment repeats but storing them is vastly different to presenting a way to list them all, choose one and change it.

Absolutely. Also we have a bills pot for annual payments (to save monthly for things like TV licence, travel insurance, car tax and MOT). Many of these payments are manual and so would be impossible for Monzo to automate.

Somewhere, many software engineers shake their heads

Don’t assume apparently trivial changes are easy to implement.